of the payment to the farmer's Easypaisa mobile account that they can withdraw from the nearest Easypaisa retailer. This would be a great relief for the dairy farmers since they would not have to carry cash to their homes from the milk centres and be in a vulnerable position of being robbed or travelling long distances to collect their hard earned money.

At recent eWorld Forum, Etisalat leader discussed the advantages of best practices and need for standards across stakeholders of ecosystems for financial services involving carriers that help advance financial inclusion. 

2Q2017 - BMGF's Global Grand Challenge

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(South Korea) SK Telecom's T Pay utilizes BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) proximity technology competitive to NFC. users to make purchases without ever touching their phones.”

In addition, payments are added to a user’s mobile bill rather than via credit and debit cards, thus positioning SK Telecom as a competitor rather than partner to the financial services industry.

This Telenor move to acquire full ownership reflects Telenor Group’s continued strategic investment within Financial Services.  Tameer Microfinance Bank Limited (TMFB) is the first scheduled and largest Microfinance Bank in Pakistan. Incorporated in 2005, it provides microfinance and related financial services to the less privileged and unbanked segments of the society with an aim to contribute towards poverty eradication under the Microfinance Institution ordinance, 2001.

Vodacom says the use of M-Pesa for the project will eliminate the transportation barrier to getting children and pregnant women onto HIV treatment by issuing transport vouchers via the mobile money platform.

"M-Pesa allows for immediate transfers of funds to the women and children in need of getting to the clinic for further follow up and lab tests. 

3Q2017 - GSMA's Disaster Response Innovation Fund

During a round-table organized by

the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and

the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF),  

 the UNDP's Country Director, Mr Dominic Sam, urged banks and telecom operators to deploy ‘digital financial services’ to encourage savings and promote access to finance in the country. 

Easypaisa is providing Telenor and registering Easypaisa mobile accounts of around 15,000 farmers across Pakistan to transfer funds into their accounts on a weekly basis.  Easypaisa ensures delivery

Significant new development with Carriers advancing into LENDING by Tigo in Tanzania. 

This new product will not require collateral and offers immediate access to small loans to Tigo Pesa users. 

Tigo Nivushe will allow Tigo Pesa customers to build their own credit history and being open to any Tigo Pesa customer turns the typical lending models upside down.  No security is required or taken and the loan product has been designed to be transparent and foster responsible lending.

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4Q2017 - FSD Africa's Financial Inclusion for Rwandan Refugee initiative

Farmers with as little as one acre of land can insure themselves against extreme weather events. They pay a 5% surcharge on purchases of fertilisers and seeds, which is registered with an insurance company, which in turn communicates with farmers via text message.

The first product was introduced on a small scale in Kenya in 2009 but has become increasingly popular. There are now no claim forms, as claims are automatically triggered by data from local weather stations and distributed in the form of mobile money.

In 2017 FINCCLUDE began submitting proposals to funders who had requested ideas to solve a variety of financial inclusion challenges facing our world today