News on Emerging Sectors of Carrier Commerce that help Financial Inclusion 

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Carrier Licensed by Financial Regulator (continued)

 India is pioneering allowing non-traditional financial institutions                                                  to utilize technologies and alternative distribution ideas to help                                financially include a significant portion of the population that remains on the sidelines  of the financial services.

 In late August 2015 the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) approved 11 companies to offer  Payments Banks.  Of the 11 total, 8 are continuing with the Payments Bank plans with 4 of those 5 being Telco/ Carriers.   Aim is to provide basic deposit and  withdrawal functionality up to ~$1,500 value USD for the unbanked (of the ~2B  unbanked globally, ~20% are in India).

Carrier Wage Payment Commerce

Vodafone M-Pesa is pioneering a wage disbursement solution for workers involved in MGNREGS (Mahatma Gandi National Rural Employment Guarantee)

Carrier Financial Services 

Carriers are getting involved in a variety of models to offer financial services to the financially included

Carrier Crowd Funding 

The mobile crowdfunding platform, Orange Collecte, which is open to all Orange Money customers in Cote d’Ivoire, will enable individuals and charity organizations to raise funds for personal and charitable projects by making an appeal through their mobile network.


Carrier Utility Payment Commerce

Carrier Uganda Telecom introduced the ability to pay water utility bills back in 2011 while in 2016 Vodafone announced the ability to pay electric utility bills via M-Pesa in India. 

Carrier Micro Insurance 

Telenor (India) said that it has become the largest 'single' micro insurance policy provider in the country.  Telenor has made this product available                                         through its mass market                                                   distribution at different point of                                                      sales -- 2000 company stores,                                                      self-help service and at its                                                               call centres. ​ Over 17 million                                          customers of the Norway-based                                             telco's unit have enrolled them-                                            selves, while ~7.8 million                                                   customers have been insured

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Carrier Energy Services

Multiple Carrier Mobile Money services are involved in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania & Uganda with enabling off-grid solar energy to be provided to those without access to traditional on-grid energy infrastructure. 

Carrier Billing  

Services, Ticketing, Physical Retail  & more

Carrier Billing for Transportation service
- Taxi
- Ferries
Carrier Billing for Ticketing sporting events
​- Football/Soccer 
​Carrier Billing in Brick & Mortar Retail

Carrier Internet Banking

Web banks in South Korea will "inject healthy competition in the local financial market and improve the financial industry,” Yim Jong Yong, chairman of FSC, said in a statement announcing the approval.  Korea’s government is offering the online-banking permits in a bid to drive innovation and deregulation in a sector that’s crucial for financing the country’s economic expansion.  Online-only banks will be able to offer a wider range of customer services from existing commercial banks and offer easier access to credit for start-ups and small businesses, the statement said.  This development of web-based financial services has potential for other markets trying to advance financial inclusion.

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Carrier Commerce and thus Financial Inclusion

Carrier mBanking Services

Successful in Japan for 8 years, underway in Poland and now coming to France in 2017, this quiet sector of Carrier Commerce shows a growing trend for Carriers seizing opportunity to expand into banking services. 

Carrier Education Commerce

In Kenya, Safaricom has registered 4,500 schools on its Lipa Karo na    M-Pesa service to simplify paying school fees.

In Ghana and Rwanda, MTN is offering a school fees payment service.  Both provide convenience to parents. 


​ ​Carrier Mobile Wallets (Proximity Payments)

In 2Q2015 were back-to-back Carrier JV mobile wallet closings (Softcard [formally ISIS] in the USA and Weve in the UK).
While these two setbacks received a majority of the media attention, plus even were interpreted by some as proof that Carriers cannot successfully operate Commerce related solutions, not only do the vast array of Carrier Commerce sectors completely disprove that false narrative, but even Carrier JVs in Mobile Wallets and Mobile Payments (also referred to as 'Proximity Payments') are achieving traction in markets globally.

In Hungary, E2 Hungary Zrt, a joint venture utility company founded by MET Holding AG and Magyar Telekom Nyrt (a Deutsche Telekom company) .  The 50-50 joint venture utility company will supply natural gas and electricity to more than 4,000 business customers in Hungary.

Carrier Licensed by Financial Regulator

The CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) approved 2 Telco-Carriers to be 'Super Agents' (similar to carriers approved to be Payments Banks in India by RBI (Reserve Bank of India).  Basically these carriers are now permitted to offer basic deposit and withdrawal financial services.​
Nigerians are benefiting from their reserve bank leadership which is demonstrating visionary and openness to allowing innovative financial solutions to help advance financial inclusion.  (
SEE MORE Carrier Licensed by Financial Regulator [in India] further below)

While Mobile Wallets are generally viewed as a higher end offering (thus not as applicable to helping to advance financial inclusion), these successes with Carrier Mobile Wallets demonstrate Carriers can also add value to proximity payments ... and eventually could be helpful as financially included communities progress upwards in levels of financial sophistication.  

New Zealand, Thailand, Uganda and elsewhere - various forms of transportation related commerce is emerging thanks to Carriers.

Carrier JV Semble has begun with integration into public transport services, AIS is enabling transportation & shopping,  while MTN Mobile Money has opened up the ability to pay for fuel. 


Carrier Virtual Mall Commerce

Etisalat’s Virtual Mall is a end-to-end consumer experience, combining  elements of mobile, online, and brick-and-mortar channels.  The Mall displays lifelike representations of products through interactive video walls, digital kiosks, and mobile applications. The interactive display contains a guide to each product, which can then be bought over the counter, or delivered later.  The Mall can contain groceries, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, fashion and utilities all in one physical location, allowing customers to use one shopping cart and one check-out for all their needs, without repeatedly entering their delivery address, shopping preferences or other personal information.

Carrier Healthcare Commerce

Safaricom launches transformative partnership to promote healthcare inclusion in Kenya​.                                       Safaricom has partnered with                                       PharmAccess Foundation and                                             CarePay to introduce a new health payment platform that will deepen the ability of citizens to access healthcare. 

Carrier Transportation Commerce

Carrier eMoney

A ​means to permit Direct Carrier Billing of physical goods in certain nations where regulatory requirements necessitate having a eMoney license to be involved in this type transaction. (Until standards are agreed upon, expect differences in definitions of "e-Money" between different regions of the world.)