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Besides Premium SMS being quite ubiquitous globally, there is a boom in other ways billions of mobile users can donate via Carrier Commerce 

(Direct-Carrier-Billing, Carrier-Operated-Mobile-Money, Carrier-Payments-Banks, Carrier eMoney, Carrier-Mobile-Wallets, etc.)

These growing donation options present unprecedented opportunities for Relief Agencies & Those-In-Need in the critical hours after disasters hit.

Per Pew Research, of all the Text Donations

in Aftermath of Devastating Earthquake in Haiti,

ALMOST 75% were made Immediately/In First 24 hours

(when understandably, people globally are shocked by the horrific news and inspired to help - before the shock wears off and other distractions of life shift their focus).


1) Carriers globally have known, trusted billing relationships with over 5 BILLION users - a total that is vastly  superior to any other billing method!

2) Carriers can communicate with their users instantly!

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Examples of Carrier Commerce 

Helping Harness & Funnel

Incremental User Donations

to Relief Agencies

in Aftermath of  
Devasting Natural Disasters

March 2017  

Cyclone Dineo's 125+ mph winds slamed

Mozambique & Madagascar 

150,000 in need of life saving help

Relief agencies & U.N. requesting support

Opportunity to marshal Carrier Commerce to be committed and ready to support donation enabling capabilities in the immediate hours after natural disasters strike anywhere globally

Hurricane Matthew, October 2016
​Destroyed 90% of homes in southern Haiti, hundreds killed.

Industry Knowledge Community 
Committed to having Ongoing Impact on 
Carrier Commerce and thus Financial Inclusion

All of Italy's Wireless Operator Carriers activated a pre-arranged (Premium SMS) short code 45500 (immediately after earthquake) that allowed Italian mobile users of all these Italian Carriers to text this number from a mobile phone (or dial it from a landline) to authorize a €2.00 donation to assist with Italian earthquake relief efforts. Millions in text and wireline donations were received.   

More than 60 Carriers in the USA are participating in supporting User Text Donations

for Relief Aid in the aftermath of historic floods in Louisiana in August 2016!

Carriers Help Optimize Donations to those in need in Japan & Ecuador