5) Ongoing impact on helping Carrier Commerce, thus advancing financial inclusion faster 

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Committed to having Ongoing Impact on 
Carrier Commerce and thus Financial Inclusion

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​​FINCCLUDE held a workshop at   

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in 4Q2015 


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4) Cross-pollinate success-knowledge: Reach out to global industry stakeholder colleagues, offer operational strategic &/or tactical info to help them overcome issue                                                                           (for free, no obligation)

3) Harness experiences, insights and  expertise  of FINCCLUDE's volunteer global industry leaders

 A special thank you to the Wall Street Journal for encouraging FINCCLUDE to have the privalege to  participate in The Financial Inclusion Challenge 2016.  

FINCCLUDE congratulates the 3 finalists announced 4/15/2016 (Swarna Pragati Housing Microfinance Company, AMK Microfinance Institution and The Grameen Foundation - Sonata Finance Pvt. Ltd.) plus  thanks them also for the vitally important work they do to advance financial inclusion.  They inspire us.  

2) Identify issues that slow the advance of financial inclusion


​   How did FINCCLUDE move immediately to offer assistance to have impact on sustaining financial inclusion progress in Uganda?  

  1) When news reports from Uganda (above) first became public, FINCCLUDE quickly sent an advisory to global FINCCLUDE members asking
for  input based on their expertise in mobile money and

       government order shut downs of platforms.  

  2) Almost immediately the Head of Operations for a Carrier Mobile Money platform in Asia shared that in his country, there is similar government concern for vote buying during elections thus there

      are government orders in his country to disable mobile money platforms before and during elections.  However, there is also thoughtful advance notice which results in minimal disruption to citizens

      nor to confidence in the safety of mobile money.  
  3) This high level success-knowledge was then quickly relayed by FINCCLUDE to the top official at Uganda's Communications Commission (the Ugandan government where the order came from) with

      a free, no obligation offer by FINCCLUDE to provide additional details on                                                                                                        methods and processes proven to work in the Asian country.  FINCCLUDE also

      offered to make introductions to officials  who administer the successful                                                                                                          disabling of mobile money platforms in the Asian nation - an opportunity to

     further help the UCC with learning of proven best practices.  Efforts are underway to also share this success-knowledge with the 5 MNOs in Uganda that operate carrier mobile money services.

  4) UCC also has damage control work ahead due to news reports that at least some Ugandans drained their mobile money
accounts in fear as they now see that on a whim the government can cut off

      access to their money.  If that fear is not addressed it could become viral (even beyond Uganda), causing wonderful mobile money progress to ebb, and of course the unintended consequences to

      financially included citizens who have had their trust in the safety of their money compromised.  FINCCLUDE can also help UCC with swift sharing of best-practices on advocacy, awareness driving  

      to citizen-users by knowledge harvesting industry experiences globally with overcoming confidence setbacks.  This value-add will help UCC optimally restore confidence with Ugandan MNOs,
      businesses, citizens, consumer interest groups, etc.)  

  FINCCLUDE takes seriously that carrier mobile money and other forms of carrier commerce are a life-line 
to countless millions.  Challenges are inevitable in planning, launching, scaling and operating

  these vital financial inclusion services.  Bad consequences can be avoided and/or minimized, as well as time and cost saved by stakeholders across the ecosystems of carrier commerce via the uniquely

  exclusive focus FINCCLUDE provides as a next-generation industry association committed to having ongoing impact on the noble aim                                                                                                                                

  of advancing (and sustaining) financial inclusion broader, deeper and  faster to help optimal numbers of people as quickly as possible.


As these February 2016 news reports show, confidence in Mobile Money took quite a hit in Uganda due to the array of consequences resulting from a surprise government order to disable mobile money platforms during recent elections (due to concerns about vote buying).  ~35% of adults in Uganda use mobile money.  Five Carriers operate mobile money in Uganda.  Citizens were not prepared to be cut off from their money, businesses were impacted as were schools expecting payment from children's parents.  The government also bore costs plus now is facing a lawsuit. 

1) Diligent monitoring of industry

 FINCCLUDE was unveiled & very well received at the  

Global Direct Carrier Billing conference in London in 3Q2015 


Carrier Commerce - Quietly Improving Countless Millions of Lives Globally with its increasing suite of solutions that help advance global Financial Inclusion 

To Illustrate By Example:       One of Many Ways FINCCLUDE Can Help Carrier Commerce Help Financial Inclusion ... and thus help improve countless lives

​​​Financial InclusionNow, Carrier Commerce Leading a Ubiquitous Digital Economy
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FINCCLUDE:   Scaling our Visibility

One of countless examples of how Carrier Commerce helps improve the lives of millions globally via a vast array of dozens of Financial Inclusion solutions that also impact health, agriculture, transportation, insurance, education, child care, senior care, wage distribution and much much more.

​Each of these areas are amassing success-knowledge, and FINCCLUDE serves to help facilitate cross-pollinating this success-knowledge/precedent/best-practices ... to help the industry deploy and scale these helpful solutions faster.  

FINCCLUDE impacts Carrier Commerce ... and thus helps advance Financial Inclusion ... faster.