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Industry Knowledge Community 

Committed to having Ongoing Impact on

Carrier Commerce and thus Financial Inclusion

This alliance of national central banks and other financial regulatory institutions committed – via their Maya Declaration - to help advance financial inclusion by facilitating knowledge sharing with policy makers and regulators.  
Similar to
AFI, FINCCLUDE also facilitates sharing success-knowledge, expertise and insights … with and between stakeholders from across the ecosystems of Financial Inclusion involving Carrier Commerce.      

FINCCLUDE’s focus is help cross-pollinate proof-of-concept success-knowledge on strategic and tactical matters that are commonly faced globally by Carriers deploying Financial Inclusion initiatives.  
AFI helps policy makers on directional financial inclusion policy with success-knowledge, as does GPFI (Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion) by G20 nations. 
FINCCLUDE helps operational decision makers navigate the challenges of executing Financial Inclusion 
strategy and tactics with success-knowledge.
FINCCLUDE's assistance is for helping with proactive planning, through to reactive responses to time sensitive challenges.

Mobile Money has proven to have had a more positive impact on advancing financial inclusion - and thus improving the lives of countless millions - than any other innovation across all of fintech in recent years.  The global flagship for mobile money if Vodafone M-Pesa.    

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(i.e.: Membership questions; Industry issues, challenges & standards for various sectors of Carrier Commerce; Media interest; Upcoming industry event appearances and opportunities; etc.).  

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FINCCLUDE is exclusively focused on helping advance global financial inclusion broader, deeper & faster            

by leveraging Carrier Commerce - a quiet giant of FinTech - 

via harnessing and cross-pollinating success-knowledge from global volunteer industry experts.

FINCCLUDE is committed to providing ongoing impact, standards and advocacy to advance global financial inclusion faster.   

Sectors of Carrier Commerce globally that help advance Financial Inclusion, Financial Literacy & up through steps of Financial Sophistication 

Available in >110 countries! DCB + CMM available to >7B

Prominent sectors of Carrier Commerce that help advance Financial Inclusion 

Carrier Operated Mobile Money 



Carrier Payments Banks (India) 

Direct Carrier Billing 

FINCCLUDE's model has parallels to the proven model of AFI (Alliance for Financial Inclusion) which receives funding from the Gates Foundation. 

Introductory videos about Financial Inclusion and how it improves lives

While Vodafone M-Pesa led the way with Carrier Mobile Money,  numerous other carriers have also "operate" Carrier Mobile Money services (as opposed to others carriers involved in mobile money that only provide 'access' but are not part of the business/economic/technical model nor operations).  Further, Vodafone and others may partner with local Carriers in certain nations (i.e.: Vodafone with Safaricom in Kenya, Roshan Mobile in Afghanistan, etc.).  FINCCLUDE's focus is not on mobile money services run by banks, technology companies and others in which a carrier's role is limited to access-only.  The following are examples of known Carrier Mobile Money services in addition to Vodafone M-Pesa: